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"Turning your idea into reality"

Our Goal Your Destination

We come up with innovative engineering solutions across a variety of industries and home use. Our advanced engineering services, which includes  manufacturing, prototyping and design for assembly, are thoughtfully designed to provide efficient and sustainable solutions and results. Learn more about our services here.

Building long term client relations across national barriers, helping young and old inventors and new designers to maximize their play-field from a platform of client support and solutions.



van Antwerp Design provides clients with expert engineering layouts. As we dive into the ocean of your concept to get that  exact pearl you saw to bring it forth polished into the marketplace. Bringing vast fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering,  concept design, and manufacturing to one set place, your doorstep. Think of van Antwerp Design as the mouth of the river with access to all the streams. Equipped with diverse skills to meet various challenges and needs. 

Tomorrow starts with the concept brought forth today, let us help you in development of your masterpiece.

Underwater Dive

All about detail and your satisfaction

Projects need to be well defined  and detailed to assure a tangible outcome that not only meets your needs current but that is also sustainable and reliant to your future expectations. At van Antwerp Design , we take pride in delving quality products. Our motto is always deliver Quality before Quantity.  We combine this with finding the most Cost effective solution, suiting both you and van Antwerp Designs . We strive to bring maximum satisfaction in every aspect  of our service and delivery.

Mechanical Engineer's Sketch

Process Chain


"anything is possible"

Client 3

The idea and concept

Taking the Idea and assisting you to hit the mark , removing the barriers and unknown aspects. The step by step how to. Full disclosures, signed and sealed. The start of a journey. We help bring your concept and idea to fruition by using the following aspects: :

  1. What is the revolutionary idea, nothing  too small.

  2. Market analysis and research.

  3. Product design layout

  4. Assistance in planning, if needed. Otherwise if you need drawing aid or manufacturing assistance you are welcome to skip this phase.

  5. What "can" and what "cannot" , the cannot we turn into a can.

  6. This is where you leave your model in our hands, let the magic begin!

Client 2
Client 7
Client 8

Drawing Board

Taking the idea to the design. Where changes are being made as you see fit, with your feedback before the final presentation.

Mechanical design, panel layout, wiring diagrams, PLC overview.

This leads to the first prototype. Things get exciting  fast as the concept takes form.

What you will get:
- 2D Assembly Engineering drawing
- 2D Part Engineering drawing for machining
- 2D size layout drawing
- Other 2D drawing
- 3D model if needed
-Renders if needed

APP Design and Websites available


Taking Shape

Taking the drawing board to Prototype to product. Making use of the following (as needed):

  • Advanced PLC control

  • CNC milling

  • CNC turning

  • Water-jet cutting & Laser cutting

  • Bending

  • 3D Printing

  • Welding

  • Moulding

  • Presstooling

  • IOS and Andoid integartion

  • Web layout

  • Electrical Design

Material treatment and core element changes can also be arranged​:

  • Plating

  • Coating

  • Surfacing

  • Hardening

Setting Sail

Your Product is now ready to be made public. The Great unknown becomes known. The Following advice can be given on request:

  • Production scale manufacturing​

  • Product registration sources

  • Business plan sources

  • Product changes and new designs are welcome, we are here to help

Other Services:​

  • Website design  and domain registration

  • Seo optimization

  • DSP Scouring

  • PCB Layout

  • IoT Sourcing

  • Webdesign /Databasis

  • GIS

  • APP integration


Engineering Sketch


Centurion, South Africa

Johan (Operations Manager)
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Ian (Industrial Engineer)

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